How to go about it

Winet Infratel is an ISP based in New Delhi, India. And has greatly ventured into high speed internet leased lines and VoIP solutions. Winet Infratel will help you out to install the wireless mesh network around your society and homes, where internet can be accessed with simple repeaters placed inside and outside of your homes connected to main stream data throughput devices.   To create a “wireless mesh” we install several pieces of hardware that talk to each other and serve to create a zone. They mesh with each other, meaning that as you walk through the zone, your smart phone or computer will pick up the signal from whatever hardware you are closest to without disconnecting from the one you are leaving behind and asking you to reconnect to a new area.  The result is a larger area with very good signal throughout the entire building, it is almost certainly created through a mesh network, with a number of devices “repeating” the signal between each other (and meshing) so that you can have a seamless experience. The Access Points are weatherproof.

Benefits of Community Wi-Fi Solution.

  • Wi-Fi roaming capability across Winet Infratel powered networks.
  • Provide access to internet to economically weaker section of your society at dirt cheap rates.
  • Students around in community to benefits from cheaper high speed internet connection.
  • Data sharing among heavy and light users.
  • Unlimited data per Wi-Fi enabled devices to cost at Rs.70/- per month.
  • Much cheaper than your cheapest telecom operator.
  • Forget about network congestion often a nuisance from the telecom operator.
  • Comes with dedicated bandwidth delivered to your community.
  • Access and availability because wireless technology allows the user to communicate while on the move, you are rarely out of touch – you don’t need extra cables or adaptors to connect to high speed internet.
  • Cost savings Community Wi-Fi Solution networks can be easier and cheaper to install, especially in listed buildings.
  •  Buildings where network coverage is an issue, can be solved by installing additional repeaters.

Transmission speeds of Community Wi-Fi Solution have internet speed of upto 300Mbps.

What is Community Wi-Fi?

If your housing society has 500 apartments and assuming 70% of the apartments have internet connection paying monthly recurring charges of Rs.800/- This becomes that your entire society is paying roughly around Rs.2,80,000/- per month to various internet service providers. And majority of the data package remains unused as 80% of the household do not utilize their monthly subscription package, thus results in wastage of your hard earned money every month.

Most home Wi-Fi systems come out of one router. This Wi-Fi can be referred to as a hotspot.  As you walk around your house, the farther you get from your router, the lower the signal is. As you move from, say, ‘black spots’ where the signal isn’t available, your computer will have to disconnect and reconnect to network.

With Community Wi-Fi solution, the entire community can install a Wi-Fi solution around the entire area including common areas, to access Wi-Fi internet on your Wi-Fi enabled devices. With common areas such as parks, gym, parking, lift, shopping complexes your Wi-Fi enabled devices are never out of connection. This means even if you move out of your house to other Winet Infratel powered network you still use your home broadband connection.

This will lower the monthly recurring cost and also allow sharing of internet connection between heavy, light and medium users. Set an example of the forward thinking of your society.

Winet Infratel complies with DOT guidelines in providing internet connection to your users. With Community Wi-Fi solution, internet access can be provided to your community members who refrained from getting an internet connection just because it is expensive. This will also enable them to be connected all the time and access to plethora of information to them and their school going kids.