The world is changing very fast, we are becoming dependent on the internet. Today internet is required for most of the work. Internet has become the main source of many jobs and businesses. The government understands that if the internet facility is improved, then the country will grow very fast from the state of economic progress. For this reason, the Prime Minister of the country Shri Narendra Modi has announced the “Pradhan Mantri Wani Yojana”. This is a new and excellent scheme under which fast internet facility will be provided to every small area. There was a time when we had to make any call, we could go to the nearby PCO and make a call after putting a few rupees in the machine, technology improved over time, people entered the world with the help of smartphones and today we You can easily call anyone, use the internet, you can do all this. Today when we look around us. So we hardly see any work being completed without the help of internet. Internet use has increased rapidly in education, health and business. In such a situation, the exchange of information will accelerate with the Wi-Fi revolution in the country. Along with this, employment opportunities will increase in remote areas of the country.
Earlier all our needs were limited to calling only, but after the advent of internet, it has shifted from calling to data, after which data is more important than calling in today’s time. The Internet has brought everything in one place, so that all electronic devices are digitally connected to each other. The condition of internet in India is very bad in many small places, either there is no internet or the internet speed is very low due to which any work stops. To eliminate this problem, the government wants to take the facility of fast internet speed to every corner of the country. This will help in creating a large network of public Wi-Fi services across the country, which will become a means of increasing employment and income for the people. The public Wi-Fi network service will be known as PM-Wani. It will be operated through public telecom service providers. The Prime Minister tweeted, “The scheme will provide Wi-Fi facility to our small shopkeepers. This will increase their income and the youth will be able to get smooth, uninterrupted internet service. This will also strengthen our Digital India campaign. The main objective of this scheme is to provide Wi-Fi facility at all public places. Through this scheme, the citizens of the country can connect to the Internet, which will provide them many facilities and will help in increasing the business. Due to which the income of the people will increase and the lifestyle of the people will also improve. This scheme has been started considering the need of internet in today’s era


Various types of employment have been promoted due to the rapid growth of internet across the country. The jobs which were not visible a few years back have come because of the internet. It is being estimated that there will be an increase in employment under PM Wani Yojana. Through this scheme, small shopkeepers will be able to provide Wi-Fi service. This will boost their income as well as ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity for the youth.

  • It is a move to make the country more technologically solid and self-reliant. Also, this will make access to information quite convenient for everyone.
  • Also, with the PM WANI scheme, the digital divide between the rural and urban India would be erased, and it will bring both these worlds closer
  • Employment opportunities will increase through PM Wani Yojana. For the implementation of this scheme, public data centers will be opened across the country.
  • The operation of this scheme will improve the standard of living of the citizens across the country.
  • Apart from this, internet access will be ensured to citizens across the country.
  • With the operation of this scheme, students will also be able to get internet. So that he can get education.
  • It will also create an additional income stream for small businesses.
  • PM-WANI seeks to bring public Wi-Fi hotspot revolution in India.
  • It empowers with uninterrupted connectivity.

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